Thursday, February 12, 2009


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ahhhhhh..baths are the simplest indulgences i think i ever mom a big bath taker, got me hooked on all the potions, and lotions afterwards, its something to look forward too every evening....since its dreary weather everywhere, perfect time to sink in and soak..any of the above would do for me..


Anonymous said...

Baths are my true indulgence!! As you well know!! Enjoy your Valentine pasta...xxoo

Caroline said...

Seriously, what is it about a perfect bath to wind down a long day??? An ideal indulgence is right!!! Wishing I had a gorge bathroom with a fancy bathtub and yummy products and whatnot...I guess that is why I just love beautiful hotel bathrooms, b/c that is when I can finally relax and dip my feet into a heavenly bathtime ritual!!!



rikshaw design said...

you crack me up!

Anonymous said...
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