Wednesday, February 4, 2009

boho living

peter dunham image via domino magazine
peter dunhams work image via housebeautiful
forgot where image is from suzani pillow is from madeline weinrib

the one and only Peter Dunham image via domino magazine
Anne beckers house image via elledecor
salavating..i want all these rooms in my house...not sure "boho" living gives these gorgeous images the unreal creativity that they show. when i think  bohemian, eccectic lifestyles i see lots of different eras, countries, layers represented. all these images did have one thing in common and that is the beautiful suzani detailing on the pillows or throw over the couch. the image of Peter Dunham..the one and only! I had the pleasure of meeting him (british accent et all) at his home/office head quarters a couple of years ago..searching for a career change..i couldn't help but notice all the details, objects, fabric covered walls, red painted basin on the tub in the bathroom..he is genious in my mind! i could of learned so much from him..ohh well woulda coulda shoulda..his work continues to inspire


Kastina said...

love your blog!!!!!!