Tuesday, September 8, 2009

love notes

i am sure some of you saw this at the cup of jo "secrets to a happy marriage" series..this one stuck out to me..so sweet, michael antonia's traditions with his wife..i heart him..

We started a tradition years ago of sneaking handwritten notes in clever places the night before a trip--like pockets, inside socks, in the baggie with the shampoo; she would stick them in my record case, wallet, sunglasses case; I would put them in her makeup bag, into an inside pocket of her handbag, etc, and the notes would be one-liners, written on torn sheets of paper, like 'I wish I could kiss you', or 'Your pillow smells amazing', or 'Remember when we were in Costa Rica?' The idea is that if there are enough, and they're well hidden, you'll discover new ones (in your pockets, in the luggage) daily throughout your whole trip. It makes being apart a bit more bearable!