Monday, October 19, 2009

the glory of tory

leather leggings..and that jacket needs to be mine!
she looked stunning on this episode

i am sort of having a massive girl crush on, tory. I don't even own her famous ballet flats with her logo...its her website..i can be on it for hours..
1-play the cd and by it.. $10 of it goes to save the children in africa
2-peruse the tory must-haves
3-look at all the inspiration of all her seasons, this fall was military above
4-then her best dressed list featuring people with impeccable style
5-then end and check out her "tory entertains" to see what party she is throwing the invite she would use and the menu she would have..

i just love how you feel... like you are stepping into her life and getting a privileged peak..and what a FABULOUS life it is..


Cardigans and Couture said...

i have a Tory crush as well! She is beautiful,successful, and her clothes are to die for.

the NEO-traditionalist said...

I totally feel you. I freaked when I saw her on Gossip Girl. Will buy the cd!
XX Kate
P.S. The name Ida---perfection.

Liz Powers said...

I am secretly dying for the cammo jeans. And a sequin top to wear w/...

Pink Lemonade said...

I am with you on that! I love her CD!!! I've played it a zillion times!!