Thursday, December 3, 2009

guy gifts

image by ericka mcconnell gotta love em BUT aren't they kind of annoying to shop for?..i think so..its usually really boring stuff..but i have scoured and found some good gets..
indoor/outdoor slippers by Ugg, i like the grey color

i am loving mr.lumberjack sherpa lined shirt by you know who
these are being purchased, hand cast bronze with distressed leather cufflinks by billy kirk

i think you can't go wrong with a hat (kind of like new socks too) anyway, i have been informed that beanies are what they want..but i heart the furry guy in the middle! (patagonia, llbean, prana)

great t-shirts at billy reid, they all have a "southerness" to them..which makes me swoon.

for the green boy..wooden shell for his most precious possession found here

a magazine subscription to an out of the ordinary read

the game-on pant, has pockets for safe-keeping stuff fit better than the avg sweatpants, found here

you might think this is a weird gift, but its going to my dad, as we adore doing puzzles together especially during family time (its selfishly a way to get way from it all!) these extra thick wooden puzzles have the coolest shapes and should be a great time suck! found here

i think with at least one of these gifts your husband, dad, brother, grandfather, boyfriend, whatever else..will be really happy with you!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

When we were at the LLBean outlet in Maine last week my fiance wouldn't shut up about how much he loved the funny hat you posted. I told him it looked ridiculous and dissuaded him from buying it. His birthday's on Monday and I think I have to have one overnighted now. He'd love me forever. Anyway, great suggestions as always---will have to steal a few for my dad and brothers!
XX Kate

rikshaw design said...

the cufflinks are crazy cool! and i heart the furry hat..i think its so cute and its adorable your man like it too!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

awesome post! I LOVE the ugg slippers...comfy! this is the perfect guide for me as i need to get something special for the love in my life....
i adore your blog...

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

If I had an iphone I would want the wooden case! xx