Thursday, December 31, 2009


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the new year is here..and i was thinking of doing one of those grand 2010 lists like everyone else..but the pressure is too great..and all my thoughts are just sort of boring (get in shape, take a dance class, get a camera and shoot my own shots, travel more, write more hand-written letters..blah blah blah)..don't get me wrong i love lists, but they do dissappoint if you never ever get to them.
2009 has been quite a year..and i have a feelin that 2010 will be the year of change on so many fronts..i can just feel it..on the cusp, the perfect wave is right around the corner.
the best thing that happened in 2009.... is my blog.
its my most favorite time of the day to read all the amazing creativity out there, all of you on my daily reads are like my personal blackbook, concierge,tastemakers and inspiration to my daily thoughts of the day. i love scouring for that perfect image that hits my mood or exactly what i am trying to convey, thanks for reading all you readers this has been such a creative outlet for me and i do appreciate all your kind words..

onward and upward...2010 here we (me and jumby) come!


Ryland said...

thanks for your amazing blog- I look forward to reading it EVERYDAY!

rikshaw design said...

thanks doll..glad i have you lets get yours started..!