Monday, December 28, 2009

settling back in

(image can't remember where i got this--do you know?)

i'm back! and it feels good..a great holiday with family and friends..but nothing compares to the joy i have when i am back with my jumby girl and settling back might be the best part of travelling...realizing that what you have going on, is a great thing.
Everytime i am away i usually snag something from my parents house..cause its LOADED with goodies that they don't even notice is missing until they visit my i was leaving at 3:30 am today my mom is her fog said "so what did you take this time?" well i did snag some amazing old photographs i found of them when they were young with babies..basically getting mildewed in a shoe box..i feel like posting them from time to time here will give them the respect they deserve..
wow..i am rambling..i have missed blogging..lots to come in 2010, fresh new things! stay tuned..


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Welcome back! Glad you returned home safe and sound. As for the looting habit, I do the exact same thing but at my grandmother's! Her home is brimming with the most spectacular estate sale finds and old photographs of her and my grandfather back in the fifties...I sneak something every time I'm back home in California. She also mails me little suprises from time to time---old design books and handwritten letters---the best ever.
XXX Kate

rikshaw design said...

we are kindred spirits! i am so happy we have "met"!