Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i heart my blogger friend, Liz

image by the fabulous stephanie rausser

i was getting annoyed with how small my pics were appearing and videos being cut off so after some guidance from Liz, at Pink Monkey..i figured it out and stretched it all out!!! don't you love seeing all these pretty pics in full detail! well i do..hope you like the mini much love in the blog world..

image found here


Champagne/StitchPoet said...

Awww, please share the instructions..On my personal blog (champagnemaker) where I post my own photos of my stuff, you can click and load the photo full screen, but on my re-blog (crushparty), nothing...can't even click on the pics...I too love 'em big! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, YOUR LINENS, YOUR STYLE! My husband is in the textile industry and is headed to India for February and I do hope he brings me something yummy upon his return! I forwarded him your posting on the block prints as a big hint.