Monday, January 18, 2010

plucky pioneers!

image from here

how excited am i to be a part of Kate and Jane Lilly Warren series the Plucky Pioneers! a series she is doing over on her amazing blog,
The Neo-Traditionalist every monday about women who have started their own business in the design here for the interview
i am really honored..thanks so much kate!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

No, thank you!!! It's up!!!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Love this! I was so excited to see it this morning. You and Kate are two of my favorites!

jane said...

Catherine, I'm SO excited that you're the Plucky Pioneer interview for the week! Thank you! xx

paula said...

read it and loved it! you are gorgeous too.

rikshaw design said...

hello friends..thanks so much for the sweet was really so fun to do and really made me feel special, which is so darn nice to feel every now and again...!
Two ellie- i know your town very well! i went to UofA Tusc. small world!