Wednesday, February 24, 2010

don't wake me..

when the creative genius's over at Small Magazine requested samples, I was thrilled to say the least..
then when i saw the shot..I was like "am i dreaming?!" it couldn't be any sweeter all our quilts and elephants all mixed up with books and an adorable lil sleepin beauty wearing knee socks + romper!!

then to top it all off the gals over at tada!shop were featured pairing favorite spring looks with a favorite book and our cute bloomers made it to that page..

pinch me..i think i am dreaming..


Maggie May said...

the photo is fabulous!

Sarah said...

to. DIE. for!!!!
the sleeping beauty is AMAZING...ahhhhhhh!
the bloomers are SO cute!

love love love.

paula said...

how cute! well deserved.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Congratulations!!! So much cuteness I can't take it!!! XO

hadley said...

love the sleeping girl and need those bloomers for my ella!

Tiffany said...

Yeah! That is so exciting. Can we celebrate with a promo code? :)

Pink Wallpaper said...

such a great picture! congrats on all of your success!