Wednesday, February 17, 2010

passion for fashion

image from here

twitter land is all a tweet about Ny's fashion would be nice to be one of those darlings and get to attend all the shows or at least any! i was excited to see some of my favorite spring pieces gracing the pages of town&country this month..modelled by indian-born Ujjwala Raut..
she is such a beauty..(sorry for the scans..)
still lovin this gucci ikat dress..when i mentioned it back at the last fashion week posting..see here


Sarah said...

Congrats! What AMAZING news!
The ONLY reason I am looking forward to getting to the airport is to grab the T+C!

(and the doll at the beginning of this post? i want her.)

rikshaw design said...

ohhh i re-read what i wrote..i does sound like i am saying rikshaw is in t&C it isn't! not yet! ;) just some of my favorite spring fashion pieces from ny fashion week!

睡衣 said...


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I want that little girl for my own---such cuteness! And the model is stunning. I think I have the new T&C around here somewhere....hmmm. XO

Elsa May said...

Love this spread - great images! She is so stunning!