Friday, February 12, 2010


whats with you immune system..ohh yeah i forgot the flu-shot..i don't know but this month has been a head is pounding as i type this because i am upright..i have been horizontal all day. the one thing i did do was cut out some valentines for my lovely little ones i love..

here random thoughts in the brain..

*please watch kell on earth..on bravo seriously some great tv of a crazy pr lady but i kind of respect her b/c she is so successful and single mom

*call out to all you 'wanting to start your own biz', sick days don't really times..
*planning a really fun photo shoot..think quirky-- (like me) meets jcrew..this image is spelling it out for me..
*shhhhh.... your the first to know..we have womens tunics coming out too!!!! i couldn't let the babies take all the rikshaw loveliness!i have so much i am ready to show all you lovely fans of rikshaw just hasn't come in yet!!anxious...they are a really cute fit and have whipstitching on the sleeves..excuse the (work in progress photos)
*need to plan a trip..i am thinking i need to check out whats around me..never been to seattle, austin, portland...i want some tips where to stay, eat, drink, shop ect..
image here


Keenan said...

Seattle - I can give you lots and lots of scoop on this city since we just lived there....wait until July-October to go unless you love gray, dreary weather!

Austin - favorite city. Love, and you should stay at Hotel San Jose. You also should go to Wildflower Organic...TONS of yummy organic bedding, home decor, baby stuff, fact, I was there in August for my bachelorette party, and we saw Sandra Bullock at Wildflower! Also, Whole Foods is here and you can check that out.

Hope you feel better!

rikshaw design said...

thanks keenan! will be in touch !

Tiffany said...

I hope you are back to your healthy self soon! :)

j. vorwaller said...

love those heart tights... :)
seattle is my home city, you would love it here!

Hadley said...

i loved restaurant clyde common ( in portland. ace hotel and stumptown coffee a must stop.

Anonymous said...

I love the tunics!