Friday, March 5, 2010

behind the scenes

in case you missed my play by play shots during shoot day on twitter, here are some behind the scenes shots i took..
adorable lil baby getting her hair fixed in her seahorse baby sack..
reviewing shots on the laptop...what?! these are insanely cute, how will i ever choose! that pattern shoots so fantastic, don'tcha think? check out her eyelashes...i wanted to keep her for myself!
gettin some love from my lil red head ! she knows i need it!
one of our adult models gettin her make-up..very easy breezy look..but we definitely added a touch of quirky /whimsey with the'll see! btw...being around gorgeous models makes you feel really great about yourself..glad this was one day! (p.s. thats sadie in the background..)

getting the seamless up for the adult shots! i demanded white floors so we rented those and had them brought to the location..the location was so spacious and incredible, plus the home owner was kind, accommodating, and understood the gig.... you may remember the home from this issue of domino..

the trapeze and swing are soo cool, and we did a mini dress up with the girls..will share those shots later..!
jewelry table..ahhh..and part of prop table below..(see my cute hippo!)
me taking a moment, i am laughing out of delirium, it sure was a chaotic day that i am still recovering from, but there were so many moments where i looked around and i pinched myself..this is rikshaw..this is rikshaw..gosh i love what i am doing..


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. Congrats on everything!
Wheres the crown jewel?

Cristin said...

can't wait to see the shots you end up selecting. give me a shout when they are done and I would be happy to blog about it.

love the fabrics too.


Wamazon said...

Oh Catherine - i am following you now! So happy (ecstatic actually) for you!!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

YAY!!!!!! Everything looks amazing I am dying to see the finished shots. Congrats missy! You made it through now break out the bubbly this weekend and relax! XO

ashlina said...

cuuuuuute. love those excited to see the shots!

happy weekend

Susu said...

I truly think you have made it to the big time now!! Am so proud of you!! The colors that you are working with come across so vibrantly !! This is a really great event!

Jennifer said...

It looks like you got some great shots. Can't wait to see them AND the product! Congrats! I saw the little vintage elephant in the first shot. It looks just as cute as that baby!!

pop pop said...

Where is Jumby or your new addition whom I have not seen thought they would make the shoot!!! 10022 very much!

mary said...

everything looks so great. congrats!!!
rikshaw tunic + white pants and flip flops = my new summer uniform. xoxo

samia said...

Hi Catherine i have one question for you.. How do you find indpiratrions for your japur collection or bombay colletion.. how do you name your collection.. do you choose a color or pattern?? your work is AWESome.. and well i might be able to give some inspiration as well.. :)

lizziecoleman said...

I love you Chatstinia! So very proud and amazed by your accomplishments. Love the BTS, wish I had been there. Xo.