Monday, March 22, 2010

blog it forward

Victoria aka sfgirlbybay, started a virtual chain letter in the wonderful world of blogs, and has asked over 300 blogs to answer what inspires you? is my turn..
i am sitting here staring at the screen..what inspires me is tough, cause its different from what you here goes, hope you enjoy..

1. sunshine..its my remedy to get me moving and feel motivated. I love a rainy day every now and then but sunshine, barefeet..i am content

2. water..i will always need to live near water, growing up on a river, and now living near the pacific ocean..i love that salt air

image from here
3. glossies- i am still so sad about domino going under. i get giddy about saving up my mags and indulging in them before bed, during commenrcial of bad tv, on the beach, on the airplane.then going back again and pulling out tear sheets and then finally saving them in magazine first magazine subscription when i was probably 15 was called Model, and i would cover my walls with beautiful images.

image from here
4. casual style- i heart casual style with some sort of feminine detail.. this image is perfect her hair is totally casual and the ruffled bottom of the dress is perfection. you can do the same with ripped jeans..and add a bunch of layered necklaces and good to go. i wish i could pull off the lady-like chicness of audrey hepburn, but it feel like i am in a costume when i am all 'pulled together.'

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image from here
5. eclectic home style- love the mix of vintage/modern, serene/bold, stripes/floral... especially when shown through layers and layers of textiles and amazing styling.

image from here
6. love..need i say more?

swing on over to fringe blog for her inspiration today..
check out river dog prints blog tomorrow to see what inspires them!


le @ whoopwhoop said...

this was just one lovely happiness trip - thanks ever so much le

Erika F said...

hi! - i'm obsessed over that dress with the ruffels .. any idea who makes it, or if it's on an on-line store?! .. also the tree house picture with the couple has inspired me for a summer photoshoot (via me myself and i, haha) .. great inspirations! - would keep my mind working!

Fringe said...

Beautiful! I share your was such a pleasure to read your post and see the gorgeous images you chose...I'm so happy to "met" you in this magical way through Blog It Forward.

Thank you so much for sharing...

TeaButterfly said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

I'm so glad i found you through the Blog It Forward. This blog project just rocks!

Vic from France.

paula said...

This is one reason why you are so fabulous! LOVE the list.

Arcadia said...

i loved your post - i remember Model magazine!!!

lani said...

love your aesthetic and inspirations.

love love love it.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ahhhh I love them all!!! Glossies obsession. I feel ya sister. XO

anne said...

gorgeous! i just recently found your blog (via the fantastic, simple lovely) and am thrilled that i did. such pretty, happy, feminine inspiration!!! thank you for sharing! xo, anne

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So happy to know of your gorgeous designs, beautiful blog and happy inducing disposition! :) You are a gorgeous delight!

The Wandering Writer said...

Beautiful post! I love this series. I was today.

I am the same way with the sun, water, and love. :)

Natalie xo

tammy said...

i love the nature and comfort of this list! inspirational.