Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LA LA land

image from here

people i did it!!!..i booked a little swank excursion to LA with one of my dearest..lots of uber-chic things planned! and i plan to look just like the glamazon above..(in my dreams)

if i run into the queen of boho i am going to throw my rikshaw clothes on her kids..

Since we are not staying by the beach, where i usually stay, we are excited to explore Bev hills and hollywood..booked easter brunch at the polo lounge...so excited and need to plan my attire..
image from here

there will be so much greasing up (with sunblock!) and getting ample pool time..thats the main agenda

please start with suggestions...shops, restaurants, things to see, people to meet..bring it on!!!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Talk to Heather! Her itinerary looked fab. So jealous of you, how fun! XO

melissa davis said...

I always stay at the Chateau- which is obviously a great place for dinner and drinks too! Love the ahi burrito at Pacquito Mas, designer Cynthia St. Vincent introduced me to that places years ago... The Way We Wore is the best vintage, Joan's on Third is great for baked sweets and a casual lunch...and I always make a trip to the Brentwood Country Mart!! have FUN! xx

Amanda Teal said...

Great images. I'm jealous too...your trip is going to be so fun! Can't wait to here about it.

xx Amanda

PS It was so nice to meet you. Let's do it again soon! xx

cyrie said...

Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. What a great venue. Fresh air, great sound, and you can bring in a blanket and your own food! Also, there is a great flea market in Malibu by the beach where I found some old jewelery I cleaned up. But, you likely have done both of these!

thegoldenoctopus said...

i saw nicole richie when i was fred segal once. so itty bitty.
i'd go to intelligentsia coffee in silverlake and the funky cashbah cafe next door. http://casbahbazaar.blogspot.com/
both on west sunset
you might find some good white tops for summer there.

also, mozza!!! go eat at the bar at osteria mozza. blake and i had the most yummy and fun dinner there.

and i love that little collection of stores - lost and found etcetera.

no trip is complete for me without a stop into new stone age on w 3rd for a jewelry treat- you can do that before or after you go to joans.

i am so jealous!

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

So fun!! Hope you had a wonderful time. xo