Tuesday, April 20, 2010

daily routine

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so i am a product junkie..its the little things that give me joy, so i thought i would share my daily routine..

Jurlique is my new go to..the scents are insane and paraban free, i love foaming gel cleansers, and the face moisturizer is more of a milk, so not heavy, i have oily/normal skin and don't like when it feel clogged and suntan lotiony. the rose handcream is delicious. not being a rose scented gal this is just the perfect amount for your hands, i keep mine in my purse. people have stopped me on the street and asked what is that beautiful scent?

a razor you think?..well this schick intuition razor rocks.. you don't have to lather up it has these soapie things around the razor so you get right to business..after my shower i moisturize with skin trip, its a milky lotion so if you like thick butters its not for you..and it has a nice coconut smell
i have reported on yu-be before.. i have peely dryish lips, this is therapy, it has a eucalyptus cooling feeling and not an ounce of it is greasy..so if you are a rose balm lip girl this isn't for you, but if your not then this is my lifesavor before bed, and all day long..

new discovery people..shu uemura mineral spray..when my hair is dry, i have been using serums to tone down the frizzy fly-aways..nope this is the solution, it gives you that beach hair and keeps all day long with out getting your scalp greasy..kind of pricey but worth it..

everyone in l.a. have seen these, i am in love these hair ties, don't give you a crease in your hair or that nasty hair headache..plus cute on your wrist..i got mine at planet blue

true mineral make-up has been nice to cover up and even out all the everything..not caked on looking like some of those mineral make-ups out there.
lastly my spritzz dyptique's Tam Dao..its my scent and i can't believe i am sharing it..but its lovely and doesn't give me a headache..

the jury is still out on shampoo and conditioner-- i am on a constant trial and error..any recommendations..?


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I want to find some of those hair ties---so cool. xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So lovely...I adore hearing about others girly routines! :) Love that you shared your scent, so sweet! I will share mine too....Jo Malone's Nectarine blossom & honey. So great....I use Keihl's shampoo and cond. because I love the smell of coconut too...maybe you would like it? Though I have curly hair so our needs may be different! Thanks for sharing!


I love the name skin trip--will have to try! The elastics are great-I picked up a bunch in LA and just love them!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

I have some of the twistbands for your hair....they work great..

Jen Ramos

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

have you tried Sara Happ Lip Scrub and Lip Slip? Oh my!! http://www.sarahapp.com/ The packaging alone sold me, but now the lip scrub is my standard girlfriend birthday or thanks-for-being-on-the-short-list present! And all have run right out and bought the Slip to go with!

LAURA!!! said...

oo fun! thanks for sharing! always fun to see another girls picks.
shampoo obsession i have...
Kerastase. it will make your hair soft and bouncy and light and shiny. $$$ but worth it.
pureology. yummy and good for the environment when it washes down the drain.
kim vo. Makes your hair feel like its the day after shampooing. which is nice. but you also have to shampoo more often, as it doesn't strip the oils out as much as most.
bed head self absorbed - not worth it. Pantee is just as good and way cheaper.
sorry. longest comment ever but i hope you can gain from my shower shelf of products. :)

Ranny Ptaszek said...

I love Tam Doa too! It's kind of great to know that other ladies, who live thousands of miles away, like it as much as I do. BTW: I also am head over heels in love with Aesop products (an Australian brand) – their shampoos make my hair silky smooth and have this all natural herbal scent.

Pretty Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing these!! I'm always so happy to get good natural product recommendations...