Tuesday, May 18, 2010

lemlem love

(liya and her little girl..can you say good genes?!)
Super model Liya kebede's line Lemlem, is such delicate lovliness..i can hardly contain myself..all her products are hand-made in Ethiopia..you may have seen her collaberation here with jcrew..but i would recommend supporting her here to see the entire line!
i love the gauzey look and the loose edges..authentically hand-made!
reversible tote..this might be my summer tote

adorable hoodie for kids and the 'patio' dress..i think i need it for the name..


Sarah said...

LOVE lemlem!
she was at the first bubble i ever did- i was drooling for the entire 4 days!

just saw her latest stuff at a shop in charlottesville... those voile fabrics mixed with those intense pinks and oranges are just the MOST amazing combination.

(and you would look AMAZING in the patio dress)

Nicolle Cannone said...

Love lemlem, so pretty!!!! love this post!

Nicolle visiting from

Jennifer said...

thanks for introducing me to lemlem. beautiful line! thanks catherine.

Hampton said...

I love the hoodies for kids-so adorable! Would love one for my daughter. Hope you will visit Hampton Hostess soon--I'm hosting a give away!
xx Barbara

The Zhush said...

Wow! Gorgeous lady, adorable name, adorable line! Love it!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the line! I wish she did all of it big girl sizes! :)