Friday, May 14, 2010

take 5

hey i am a guest over at fern and feather today..she does a series..called take 5..
1. indulge..
2. see..
3. wear..
4. know..
5. love..

check it out, i love her blog..thanks for having me alexis!


Fern and Feather said...

okay... it is up for real...
OH MAN... life is nuts right now... I just found a business center so that I could finish it. I had to include how much I adore you! ;)

Thank you so much Catherine. Have a great weekend!

ox, Alexis

Back Yard Baby said...

Hey Catherine! Went by No. Four Eleven today to pick up some gifts and the shop girls were raving about your line! I was so happy to see it cutely displayed here in Savannah and in person!!! Love the baby sacks! They only had 1 left...said it is flying off of the shelves. Big hugs to you and cheers your fabulous Rikshaw Design lady! xoxo Winslett