Wednesday, May 12, 2010

thank you

image from here
(this is how i have been for the past week ;)

cheers to you.. guest bloggers!

it has been so nice to wake up and come and read my blog everyday..i have so enjoyed all your suggestions (some are already in the works!!) from bikini's to teepee's..i think we have got it all covered to create a little 'rikshaw' lifestyle for all...your compliments towards Rikshaw really mean so much to this tired has been nice to have a breather and i am ready to create create create..!
whenever you need a breather and need some guest posts on your blog..i owe ya..

these posts are are hard act to follow!


a lovely being said...

ooh you are so welcome! very happy you were able to take a breather -- we all need to stop and smell the roses once in awhile (or else we'll go insane!). excited to see what rikshaw does next...!
XO fallon

The Zhush said...

The pleasure was all mine, as I got to be a virtual designer for a day! Can not wait to see what Rikshaw has in store!

sharon said...

Just discovered you via City Sage. What a cool idea your What Next posts are!! How wonderful to have this company and throw the gate open to new ideas. I put you on my blog roll to remind me to come back often so I don't miss when you start showing your new items.

Fern and Feather said...

a bottle of wine + a bubble bath is exactly what I need right now!!

melissa davis said...

SO many fun ideas!!!! I love them all! ;)

Pink Wallpaper said...

that pic really makes me want a bottle (i mean glass) of wine...and a bubble bath too :)