Thursday, June 3, 2010

cuteness overload

(a little big on the girl..but she will grow into it!)

i would like you to meet some of Rikshaw's biggest friend, caroline, doug and there precious lovebug Elle..I am her 'aunt chatty' and i whisper lots of secrets to her when her parents aren't listening..i am gonna teach her about boys..cause she will be a man-killer!

doug..your lookin like a h.o.t. baby daddy!
caroline and her mom in florida..rockin a rikshaw kurta!..see they are PERFECT over a bathing suit!


Keenan said...

Cuteness overload indeed!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

SO adorable! Baby and mommy look too cute in their Rikshaw gear. I want to be her someday! XX

Full House said...

That baby is so cute in that little get up. Anyway Grace (nameisgrace) just directed me to your blog because I have been emailing her about things to do in San Diego and she mentioned that you would be there @ the same time. If you end up doing a trunk show and I can break away I would love to check it out.....cute stuff.

xx - Christina