Thursday, June 24, 2010

kombucha withdrawals

my refrigerator on happier days

i am not lying about my addiction to Kombucha..i buy it by the case..and when whole foods ripped it off the shelves over mis-labelling a the minor alcohol content (under 0.5)..not sure i am gonna be able to deal with this bureaucratic mess..i NEED IT!
Here is an exclusive interview with the founder, who explains that this has been a painful ride and they are trying to get this resolved in weeks to get back on the shelves..funny comments about how Lindsey Lohan of all people is tied to this debacle..


Unknown said...

Lindsay+SCRAM = Classy (enter sarcasm here). Sorry about your personal debacle with the lack of your drink. Never heard of it before now, not even via Lindsay:)

Maggie May said...

i LOVE the stuff too. i drank it a lot in my first trimester.

rustic rooster interiors said...

I WOULD like to try it... Now I WANT to try it... Now I NEED to try it! Please do tell when it's back on the shelves. :)


Anonymous said...

try as i may, i just cannot get into this stuff...i totally get the benefits and know it has such a following, but many times did you have to drink it before you "acquired the taste?"

daninotes said...

Love the stuff too. Was shocked when the shelves were bare at WF! Can't wait for it to be back. at least you have a stash! :)

walrus studio said...

too funny, so much drama ♥