Friday, June 4, 2010

over the top

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i saw SATC 2 last are my thoughts and my thoughts only....i recommend seeing it for sure but..what the hell was that movie? sooo entertaining, so visually over the top, but it was like an action-adventure film--sex and the city on steroids!!
i missed the quiet moments between the girls..i balled in the first movie, remember when carrie rushed to be with miranda on new years eve?..there were only a few of those tender parts..this was an adventure in abu dhabi with the girls..i did like the setting and the movie was written for samantha, she had all the best fav fashion moment i cannot find a picture of anywhere..but it was carrie in a long flowey orange dress walking barefoot on the beach..beautiful..
(got to see the longer preview for eat, pray, love before the movie..that just might be my movie of the summer that i will see 1000x)


I ♥ You said...

completely agree. the movie was such a departure from all the things that made the show and first movie successful. the movie would have been more entertaining if the girls had stayed in new york and dealt with their lives - Carrie and her expectations of marriage, Charlotte and the pressures of motherhood, Miranda figuring out what it would be like to not be a slave to her job and Samantha just being Samantha. THAT would have been the movie I wanted to see!
And yes - that orange dress and the blue one too were the best! funny that they were the most simple!

Erica Sara said...

felt exactly the same way. loved it for the entertainment value & laughs but thought it was way over the top & forced at moments.
some great fashion, some a bit painful (especially Samantha). and as a New Yorker, wished a bit more was actually filmed in "the City".
Funny- the orange dress was also my favorite!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Agree with you completely. Fun, worth seeing, but over the top. DYING for Eat, Pray, Love to come out. I have such high hopes! XX

Anonymous said...

Shelley Brown

Saw it opening you, first movie I bawled my eyes out, part deux was TOTALLY over the top! At least it was funny. SO not impressed with the wardrobe, except for that orange dress and the pink one. And what was with that hideous black crown she wore to the wedding!!??? Reminded me of the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty! Carrie did rock that tux though! <3

rikshaw design said...

so glad i am getting consesus on this one..
shelley i forgot about that crown and i was like ICKKK when she pulled it outta the box..
SATC 3 needs to be back in NYC!

Unknown said...

If you go to see it for the fashion and the sets - a feast for the eyes! But the story line...not my fav.

Crown kind of freaked me out. But, I love SJP and reminded me she was "playing" Carrie --- who though I loved through the series isn't half the person SJP is. xoxo

lizzieColeman said...

saw it last night in buenos aires with keely. could NOT agree more. you summarized it perfectly. xo.

Kristen said...

I had a similar review on my blog :) well, you put it into words better than i did, but i wholeheartedly agree!! I can't wait for Juila in EPL!!

Tiffany said...

Know I'm late on here but I totally agree with all the reviews too. I cried in the OPENING of the first Sex and the City when it shows Charlotte saying "That's our baby" to Harry when its summarizing up where the girls have been.

This second movie I felt like I had know idea what was going on from the liza minelli singing and Carrie being snappy with Charlotte about the "taking time off from marriage" I just didn't feel like it was "them" and yes, many forced parts too like Miranda's over the top enthusiasm for all things touristy..I hope they bring the girls back in the way we remember and love!

AND also loved the trailer for Eat Pray Love. Can't wait!!