Saturday, July 17, 2010


it would be nice to look as cute as her doing yoga..wouldn't it?
she is wearing a rikshaw tuxedo kurta
this is a yoga spread, in this months Natural Health...i am a big fan of this magazine..
makes you want to re-vamp your life in a healthier way


bink and boo said...

I had to do a double take. She kind of looks like you.

rikshaw design said...

ha ha! i WISH! that made my day! thanks!

kendall k. said...

Great layout! Congrats.

Nicolle Cannone said...

Yoga done in style, I like it!

visiting from

pve design said...

now that is a lovely way to look, posing, slowing down.

Happenstance said...

Nice Cath! Let me tell you, I LOVE my tuxedo kurta so very much! It's the coziest!

paula said...

so cute! cant wait to get the one I won! so excited.