Friday, July 9, 2010


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there are so many wonderful things about living on the west coast for me..but today is one of those things that happens all the time but makes me so of my very best friends out here is heading back east to live closer to family and her husband has a new job..which means she will never be coming back..
when i came out to the "left coast" i, like many easterners and southerns thought.."ohh only for a few years..its just an experience"..but here i am 11 years later..very happy living this wonderful california life..but losing a really good friend to the east coast has got me so sad..i am gonna miss you girl soo very much!

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nameisgrace said...

Catherine that is my BIGGEST fear living here!!! Our best friends are from the east coast and I don't know what I'll do if they move back to be closer to their families. How funny if we both ended back in Richmond? HAHAH...not don't think that's ever gonna happen. I love LIVING here and love VISITING VA:)


rustic rooster interiors said...

I lost a dear dear friend to northern cal... it broke my heart. we are still very close to this day {actually i'm going up to run a 10k with her}... This will only make your relationship stronger! Keep your head up & try & smile. It's super hard, but you have to for her!!! She's your new pen pal!!! Now this means a new girlie is coming along to play... :)


rikshaw design said...

thanks girlies..its nice to know others have been through it too..i just left her after lunch and we we balling hugging good-by..i am exhausted..time for a NAP!

Susu said...

I agree..this gal is one very special friend who has been with you for all your happy and down times..I know she is sad as well, but we all wish this special lady lots of love and happiness for her future.

Carolyn said...

wow i am having almost the exact same experience. i hear you on the 11 years in CA and not looking back... hang in there!