Thursday, July 22, 2010

we heart nahla

images from popsugar

here is the cutest gal in los angeles Nahla Aubrey (Halle Berry's daughter)..romping around the play ground in a Rikshaw taj lavender kurta!
she is such a love..we heart you and your style nahla!

THANK YOU Alex and Hadley for telling me about this..its in US weekly too!


bink and boo said...

So cute! Congrats!

rustic rooster interiors said...



Happenstance said...

Yeah! How cool is that?! It looks adorable. I like how it's paired with cargo shorts. A little fem, a little masc. Adorbs!

Pretty Mommy said...

Awesomely adorable!!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

What a cutie! Congrats Catherine! xx

carissa said...

I bought that for my daughter on monday! now I feel trendy =)

Natasha said...

Great Press for you!!
You heart Nahla, I heart "daddy"... ;)

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

I cannot even imagine how exciting that must be...I think Halle needs a matching one!

xo Kit

COCOCOZY said...

Very very adorable. Congratulations!


rikshaw design said...

natasha..made me too!
thanks everyone for the congrats! its really exciting!