Friday, August 27, 2010

fresh start

i am back..home feels SO nice
getting away and shutting off was good for me, now i have stacks of fun mail to go through, a bazillion emails, and lots of blog reading to catch up on..oh and a ton of snuggles with my girl, jumby!
i got my dosage of summer and fun family a good tan!

feeling refreshed and getting ready to plot out the new year with a ton of trips..september for me feels more like a new year than january ...does it for you?
even though i am not buying school supplies, its a new beginning...


pve design said...

most elementary schools and moms say the year starts in september.
welcome back, glad you had a good time shutting off. we all need switches to turn off and on.

tammy said...

mm south america. what a lovely image.

and yes, much agreed about september -- a new year without the pressure of diets and resolutions.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Love September.. it has always been my favorite month :) xx

Anonymous said...

September is TOTALLY the beginning of the year to me! While I am always sad to kiss summer/beach goodbye the thoughts of big sweaters & boots, apple & pumpkin picking, and red wine by the fireplace...are lovely to look forward to!
xo Kit

PS I received my 1st BEAUTIFUL piece of Rickshaw...I am so smitten with my tunic!!!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Welcome home!! Glad you had a good trip. Let's get together when I'm back from NY! xx

fric and frac said...

I too think of the Fall as the beginning of the year! I love the cool crisp air and riding my bike when it cools off a bit. There is always a bit of mystery about what is to come with the new year - love it!

paula said...

yes me too. we hope to get away in october. I need a vacation.