Thursday, September 9, 2010

get up and dance

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i don't think i have ever mentioned on my blog how much i love to a youngin i danced ballet for 6 years and was in the nutcracker and was so excited when i was in the 'party scene', i wish i had pictures to show you but they are all at my parents the ringlets et all! ohh and cotillion helped me learn the fox trot, waltz..i won the rock dance one year and got a 12 pack of maxell blank tapes, thrilled i tell you! (do kids even have cotillion anymore?)
at every family get together there is a dance-off, where my mom always takes the spot light and takes the cake for best dancer..& the best part of going to hear live music is so you can shake it a little...dancing is such a release!

when i ran across this video at Sarah's blog i had to re-post made my day, thanks sarah!! some of those flicks especially white nights with Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov ...wasn't that the best flick ever..?! flashdance..ohh i can't even tell you how much i used to re-do all her dancing scenes in my bedroom..dirty dancing is ohh so good..john travolta, no problem moving his gotta LOVE a guy who can dance!
(the only 2 movies it was missing: xanadu and staying alive)

i hope this makes you tap your toes just a wee bit ..have a happy day


nameisgrace said...

omg i so remember cotillion. i don't they they do that here in socal. surf camps are more appropriate haha!

Ashley said...

I LOVE BALLET :) I was a ballet dancer too! I danced the nutcracker 14 seasons! I think I was seriously every part!

Lila said...

I love it! My daughter had me replay it twice! I also danced ballet but for 14 years! Wow did this take me back! I need to rent White Nights now!
Lila Ferraro

pretty pink tulips said...

For some odd mother let me decide at age 6 if I wanted to take ballet or piano. And I chose piano. Bad call! I'm the biggest wannabe ballerina. I love all the classes that use the barre.....and I would have loved to have danced as a child.

If only I had a daughter.....:)

pretty pink tulips said...

Ok....just watched the video. W-O-W! Loved it!

pve design said...

I danced for 13 years and love to dance. My daughter is dancing and I cry when I see her perform. Dance is the best.

Paige said...

love this! but missing terribly is CENTER STAGE!!!!!! C'mon! Cooper Nielsen and Jody? :)