Wednesday, October 13, 2010

jumby day

is this not the cutest face you have ever seen?

for any of you are are just stopping may not know about my daughter, jumby..seriously she is my best friend and most people say when they meet her they see my personality in her..she is a sass-pot, and a rolly love ball..she is the queen of the household, she gets close to 1000 kisses a day, i tuck her in at night, she is the ruler of this roost...i let her get away with too much..whatever..we are happy and its her BIG BIRTHDAY TODAY..she is seven..

jumby being a super model
having a nap with 'ellie' she has 3 baskets full of plush babies..

here i dressed her up in a rikshaw blanket and called her a donky...she didn't like it at all
always propped up on her pillows..

every night we have a lay down snuggle on the couch..she is snoring in my ear, bad breath blowing and its pretty much bliss..


Anonymous said...

Your pup is precious! I am actually searching like mad for a lab puppy- Did you get Jumby from a breeder? I would love more info- Please email me if you have time!

geri said...

happy birthday jumby!!! it's my birthday too!.... wishing you a year full of all your precious heart desires!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Happy birthday to Jumby!!!! We are sending lots of pug kisses!! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jumby!!! Krimpet the Yellow Lab lives here...he is 12...I think he is a direct descendent of Marley...I would not change any of his antics...he has given so much love and provided so much laughter...I love him more then words can say! Spoil your big mush today...but I know she is spoiled everyday!!! :)

xo KIt

Margaret Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jumby! Love this post. What fabulous pictures. I hope she makes it into the next Rikshaw Photo Shoot!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jumby!! I truly love this post and all the pics!

Shelley Brown

rikshaw design said...

thanks everyone for the happy birhtday wishes..i adore her ad you can tell so it means a bunch that you commented!
kali-- i got jumby from a breeder out here in California..she is an english lab..they have the smush boxey face..and are love balls

Lee Nicholson said...

LOVE this post and glad I am not the only 1,000 kisses a day dog mom.... Gladys gets the same. Can't help it!

Kerri said...

Happy birthday gorgeous Jumby! She would be great mates with my lab Darcy, I'm sure. They sound very similar actually - in fact, he's my studio assistant. Unfortunately he does next to no work, preferring his cushion and blanky and a good old snore as well. But he's an absolute sweetheart, and I love him to bits and pieces. Hope your sweetie had a lovely birthday, and was spoiled rotten! K xx

kayce hughes said...

She looks like by Jack and Lilly.