Saturday, November 20, 2010

faaa la la la!

hey everyone, i have missed you!
i hope the gift guides have been fun and inspiring for you, many more to come all next week...i have to say, i have been bitten by the christmas bug already..the temperatures have dropped to the 40's, family is rolling in to enjoy california and spend thanksgiving together, and i am counting down the days for when our radio station out here plays christmas music everyday all day woot! woot!
I start decorating my house earlier than most (get a tree friday after t-day), because i travel east for christmas and i want to enjoy my tree before i go...such a giddy kid around this time.
i am gonna start making my lists today, go get decorations out of storage , and order my fire wood...sounds lovely! have a fantastic weekend.
have ya'll started yet?


kayce hughes said...

We always decorate that friday as well and I am itching to start earlier!

benson said...

looking for stocking stuffers for men...hmmm..they seem to be the most elusive on my list

Unknown said...

Haven't started quite yet, but I have started decorating AND our local station down here started playing Christmas music this past week! I am so excited too:)

rustic rooster interiors said...

Last night I went to Paper Source... Got the most adorable Christmas tags for gifts. Today I'm off to get ribbon & craft wrapping paper...& yes, the day after thanksgiving we get busy decorating for Christmas. Fa La La La La The rooster gets fresh hung garland & Christmas lights {what a sight to see}... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

hohoho {xoxo},

Erin Walsh said...

Beautiful wrapping in that photo!

Sarah York said...

Are you talking about Kbay holiday radio? Love it! I am so excited about Christmas and can't wait to get the tree. This weekend! Hoooray!

Heather Feemster said...

I love this packaging! I haven't started yet but I'm excited to decorate after Thanksgiving and to start letting those x-mas tunes flow via Pandora.

Lisa Porter said...

That's right...don't forget the firewood!
Keeps the guys busy so my daughter and I can be little elves!