Monday, December 20, 2010


dear santa..
i want a rolly polly furball
these images make me squeal..
there is just nothing better

images from here


Sarah said...

oooh! lovies!
there certainly ISN'T anything better...

nellie might have babies next year :) i'll keep you posted...

Molly said...

Does Jumby need a friend?? I'm dying for a puppy but I don't live close enough to work to take care of it while it's a wee baby... My brother is getting a little girl chocolate lab January 8th so I'm living vicariously through him :)

Anonymous said...

There truly is nothing better! I keep telling my husband I want a Bulldog for my 40th...some say it with jewelry...I sooooo would prefer a furry bundle!

xo Kit

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh stop it!!! As if I didn't want a second pug enough! Rolly polly is right. I hope you get one in your stocking ; )