Monday, December 6, 2010

gifts from aunt chatty

well my nieces and nephews have grown up...not babies anymore :(
here is my gift guide for those not so young anymore kids

charley harper memory game...i will actually LOVE playing this found here! and for my artsy niece smellers pencils found here
for the little wizard of the bunch this mentoes geyser, basically it will make a 2l soda explode, love it! the parents will be so annoyed! thats what aunties are for right?!
we are a crazy dog family so we will guess which zany band is what type of breed found here
this is on the list because i ALWAYS wanted a monchichi..still know the jingle from the commercial..found here
a boho dress and ballerina tights both found here

above some cute looks from here

and a lucky one in my family is getting some Rikshaw quilts for the twin beds..cozy and chic if i do say so myself! ;)
besides the gifts...i am so thrilled to get there and play with them and give lottsa hugs and kisses! (yes thats my weird brother never having a normal face with his kids..)

image 1


Amanda Teal said...

Do they make those ballerina tights in big girl size? I want a pair.

pretty pink tulips said...

I love giving the fruit/chocolate smelling pencils to little girls. This big girl might enjoy them on her desk, too!!!

What an adorable family!!!
xo elizabeth

Anonymous said...

WE can't wait to see you and miss you!!!!!!!

You never know you might just get a monchichi:)

So sweet.....xo

kribss said...

you're a much cooler aunt that i am and i thought i was pretty cool- at least thats what they have told me!! [i use to have a monchichi!!]

Allison {Live Love Small} said...

your quilts are gorgeous!