Monday, January 17, 2011

dress our walls

lets get out our hammers and nails..time to hang art, big photographs, & collections on the walls...the latest issue of Lonny Magazine

i saw these big images of african tribe images at the SF designer showcase and they are stunning...umm and that pug made me squeal a bit
i love that this image above the fireplace looks so editorial and fashion ..its hillary's sisters photography..going to check her out..
simple and clean
its just taking the time and laying it all perfect for a kitchen!

my parents collect butterflies...(weird?) my dad has given my mom butterflies for so many years, its like his love note to her..they have a ton of these collections..i am going to snag next time i go home..i think it would be so pretty all compiled together

are you kidding me? how could i resist showing this snuggle-luffagus..!


Ryland Woodard said...

I started hanging pictures and art on our back staircase and it is SO much fun - It is also making me feel super organized- great idea!

Claire Gibson King said...

snuffle-luffagus!!!!! best word ever!!!!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Jumby!!!!! xo