Friday, January 28, 2011

inspiring snaps

images taken by some of my fav bloggers...i am inspired..
sarah's color wheel quilt she made.... i repeat..she made this?! so talented..

aura's pretty photography from around her house..i am sad to report i have nothing living in my house right now except for a money tree...lame..i want to grab sprigs and put them around..

alexis's surf shed ...adore...i could frame this huge for my house!

i had asked you guys about what camera to get about a year ago here and i think i am finally going to go get one for my birthday which is around the corner..

thanks for always inspiring me with your lovely images..


Alex said...

very pretty images - I got a Nikon D5000 for my birthday this summer and am in love with it! I would definitely recommend it for a beginner


Aura said...

Thank you, sweetie. I ADORE that first quilt! I bet she has a ton of patience (that I don't). I have a Canon Rebel XT and I love it, I think Canon makes wonderful cameras. Very user friendly and the tone of the images always comes out nice.

Fern and Feather said...

aaaahhhh! thanks lady!

hope you are doing well... I feel like we haven't caught up in blog-land in foreves... Alt next year! don't make be beg!


Laura Trevey said...

Love the ferns in the bottles photo... how sweet! Just found your lovely blog, and will be back :)

xo Laura

EFT for Anxiety said...

Love the color wheel quilt! It's cute.

CDS said...

Those are such pretty pictures!! :) xo

Sarah said...

You are too cool!
Thanks so much for the mention- it's an HONOR to be inspiring YOU!

And, that surf shed, is seriously, THE COOLEST. crave.

Wait... are you planning on Alt next year?!? I am so dying to go... keep me posted, perhaps we can be roomies!