Thursday, March 3, 2011

jcrew rainbow

when i was in new york back in November, i went to this event with Heather (aka habitually chic) i love the video because i see us in the was such an honor to speak to jenna lyons and meet so many fantastically talented and chic people!

this collection is slowly hitting the stores but i am still waiting for a few pieces like :

this dress & shoes!! ohh and this ikat silk romper!!!
both pairs of for a wedding i am going to/ one pair for everyday!!

this dress is sooo killer!!! i want, need, MUST have!! and i adore this skirt sweater combo..


La Feem said...

Great picks, all super cute.

Nicolle Cannone said...

LOVE JCREW! I was just in there today!

CDS said...

That orange dress is amazing!

Brilliant Chic said...

I NEED that orange dress too! Fun that you're in the video too!

Anonymous said...

That ikat romper is just the cutest thing!

carolyn said...

oh that orange dress!!