Friday, February 25, 2011


what a whirlwind week!
i am so ready for spring warm sunshine..and i think everyone else is
we are getting dumped with rainfall these past few days...but hoping for pretty days to come.
i feel spring fever all around me and my work is about to "spring" into new stuff very very soon, i will let you know as soon as its live...
i am going to plant some succulents and bulbs this weekend ...i want some peaceful plants around me as i sit indoors..

happy weekend to you all..

(ohh i updated the sample sale below so check and see if you want anything..)


Molly said...

You must have a green thumb :) No green thumb for me - I kill a lot of fresh flowers - maybe I would be able to handle succulents? They look pretty durable!

Karena said...

I brought in some succulents this winter and they are doing great...too soon to start spring plantings...snow still....

Art by Karena

Pretty Mommy said...

I love that pic - it's actually from my friend Jen's apartment that was on design pretty all that green!