Monday, March 14, 2011


just wanted to thank all of you friendly supporters of Rikshaw..we launched all the new spring/summer clothing online and i am BLOWN away by the response!! all of your kinds words are never unnoticed and help to pull me through those long days of work..
Today was one of those days, you get a handful of as a small business owner..where you stop..take a deep breath and get real giddy that this is what i get to do everyday.

now, time for me to guzzle down some bubbly and shamelessly watch the bachelor..

have a great night.



Different By Design said...

Glad you had a great day!

courteneykay said...

Yay! What a great day for you!

Happenstance said...

So stoked for you, you should celebrate! Everything looks so great. Congrats:)

benson said...

:) my pleasure...can't wait to see it/wear it!

Margaret Elizabeth said...

So happy for you! Your hard work has clearly paid off- the line is amazing and everyone has had the best things to say about it! Enjoy the bubbly! xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your night Catherine! You deserve it! The new line is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! I can't wait to receive my order!
I'm watching the Bachelor too...I HEART him!


Anya adores said...

Wonderful work - I just came across your blog and shop, and I adore what you do. Stunning. I am your newest follower, as I want to see what you do next <3 - hope you come see me one day!!
A xx

Katy said...

I love the sundresses - they remind me of the ones my sister and I wore as girls. I am so happy my youngest is 5 and will be able to wear on!
Love it all;)

Ryland Woodard said...


Renee said...

CB- you did it. Flashback 8 or 9 years ago (?!) when we here! Wow. Swak-- Renee