Friday, April 15, 2011


happy friday folks..
what are you up to this weekend?
i am doing...well not sure...getting things done i guess...blah blah blah..
i am having a case of the blah's..can you tell?
i think if i didn't have friends who loved to plan things, my weekends would consist of no plans and just organically happen..i am a terrible planner, procrastinator

maybe i just have busy weeks and i tend to sloooow it down to nothing on the weekends..and then feel weird for not making any plans....go play catherine!

i will recharge and get it together for fun stuff next week.

have a good one..


Lovin That! said...

Well, coming from a planner, I think it's great to just go with the flow and not plan. It's a goal for me :-) Have a good weekend...