Friday, April 8, 2011

live music

having a small dose of warm weather gets me all excited for so many things..wearing lots of colors, hats, flip-flops (ahh) more on that next week ...but what i want to leave you with on this friday..are spring concert tours!!!!

nothing better than some live music with friends or your significant is what i have found for your guys..please let me know if i have missed anything!

this line up seriously makes me too giddy..currently playing in New Jersey and just announced in Chicago..fingers crossed for a california venue...paaaalease! details here

avett brothers tour schedule here

edward and mumford?! too good! railroad revival tour details here

coachella deets here

absolutely nothin better than my boy


Unknown said...

I wish I could go to Coachella & I can't wait to see Mumford & Sons! ;)

Anonymous said...

That Chicago concert with Dave sounds like a dream come true!

Coastal Family Living said...

Love that pic of Kate Bosworth at Coachella last year! Wish I could go! Looking forward to concerts too! BTW, we have our Rikshaw post up now!

rebecca said...

the husband and i went to a concert for the first time in TOO long last week. we've got to get back into the music scene.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this in Chicago!