Tuesday, April 5, 2011

rikshaw cuties

just the cutest pumpkin in the world...EEEK! she is edible!

look at mr.adorableness in his anchors...squeeze..

little miss rikshaw all grown up in her darjeeling kurta..

so aside from bringing the line to life at photoshoots...my FAVORITE part is to see how customers are using it in their lives...some of my friends sent these to me, and i HAD to share the insane cuteness!

Please send me pics of you in your kurta, your children or your bedrooms!!! or load on our rikshaw facebook page here!


melissa davis said...

Oh, you're so sweet to include Sammy! (I just wish you could see the kurta better!) Seriously, he is so squeezable in all his kurtas- but that new anchor one is my all time fave!) Well see you Friday! xx

Aura said...

I have been offline since my little one was born, but I need to send you some pictures of her wrapped up in her beautiful Goa bedding. I have a couple on my blog for now, but lots more will come.

Francesca fay said...

That little munchkin in her bikini...what a cutie pie...she is EDIBLE!

pretty pink tulips said...

Darling, darling, darling! I know it has to be so rewarding to see these precious children in your designs!!!
xo Elizabeth

Where My Heart Is said...

How I wish I had little girls still and could dress them in these adorable clothes. Love your designs.