Friday, May 20, 2011

bon weekend!

images by chance

these images on Chance Company's website ooooze summer, not to mention the clothing!

i hope you all get a few minutes, a couple hours or even a full day to:
take a nap
read a book
walk on the beach
take a bubble bath

happy weekend!


charmingly ordinary said...

Kind of dying over that first photo. Love everything about it! The outfit, the nap, the ferry (to somewhere glamorous?). Happy weekend to you!

La Feem said...

Love the first photo as well, I would like to do all of those things this weekend, I think I will....

nanditark said...

great shots.........

{molly beth} said...

just found your CUTE blog . i love it ! i'd love for you to stop by mine .


alex t said...

can't stop thinking about these images! thanks for introducing me to chance.

looking forward to a bit of summer in Marin!