Tuesday, May 10, 2011


hey there
i am on a plane on my way back from a long time away
feel like a road warrior
i am pretty sick (beware if you are headed to the aiports)
i am gonna have to take it as easy as i can when i get back

looking forward to:
home, there is nothing like it
my snuggle head jumby
my bed
kale, craving lottsa veggies
doing laundry
water pressure
brushing my teeth with the water out of the faucet
electricity that stays on
and a toilet i can flush toilet paper down (ewe.. i know)
i can't wait to download some pics from my trip with my new fancy camera!
i just wanted to say hey and that i am enjoying catching up on blogs and listening to some soothing iron&wine...
hope all is swell with you


dz_g said...

Ohh, I know the feeling! Just got back from a rural beach village in Mexico last night... it's nice to use the faucet and flush tp! ;)