Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my weekly rando

just bought this, chemex coffee maker and its so pretty to look at

summer outdoor concert is calling my name..i am feeling avett, ray or she&him would be amazing.

my favorite word

love this mix of pattern

i just adore a good documentary..this one looks like a goodie..can't wait to see it


CDS said...

Love the image of the tambourine girl!

PJ said...

i'm still faithful to my french press, but i agree, the chemex really is pretty!

Mary Ann said...

I saw Page One at a documentary film fest and it is definitely a must see! The reporter it focuses on is hilarious and it brings in the worries and fears of the ending of print media. See it for sure!

cwp said...

i LOVE my chemx-and u will too. cathartic and pure!