Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday sentiments-detox

well...i am back from a vacation so slowly trying to get back in the good ole groove..
and starting a "cleanse" in the next few days..not a house cleanse (i wish!) but a food cleanse..yikes! after days of eating so much southern yumness...grits, biscuits, bbq, pimento cheese, wine and more wine...I have a partner to help me through it but i am nervous...maybe i will get endless energy?maybe i will be lethargic?maybe i will shed some lbs?(fingers crossed!)
its just a week can do it catherine..gwennie does it and look at her!


Squeezed Daily said...

sounds I stuff mud cake into my mouth and wash it down with a soy cappacino
(for real).

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

go catherine go! i know you can do it...good luck!

J said...

Which detox are you doing? :-)

Erin Elizabeth said...

Love this dress!

Claire Gibson King said...

good luck with your detox! I am doing a no red meat detox right now and feel so much better! but really, you gotta love all that southern food!

micki zurcher said...

try Bethenny Frankel's cleanse... gentle and nutritious. probiotic. her books are very inspiring too. after this cleanse I went on a fat burning eating plan and have lost 20lbs with ease because I of this inspiration .