Friday, September 16, 2011

happy friday

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a little update on me: (thats what blogs are for right?!)

this week i have filled my travel-bug thats been nagging at me...planned a work trip to NY and Home for the holidays and even more exciting planning a BIG TRIP back to INDIA is underway! so thrilled to do this trip and add places, food spots, shops, and adventures i wasn't able to do last time. there will be a bunch of work, but that's so much fun to do in country. (lots more on that trip later)

this weekend, i have an old friend who used to live out here, coming in town for the weekend!we have tons of "girl-time" planned, its been so long since i have seen her i am so excited!

wishing you a fantastic weekend...

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{molly beth} said...

Happy friday to you too! I'm headed to the Zac Brown Band concert---I'm SO excited!
I'd love for you to stop by my style blog.

distelfink design said...

Hi Catherine,
as a big follower of your blog (and living as an expat in New Delhi) I'm always excited to read, when you are writing about India :)
Have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

would love to read about your trip to India. always seems soo exciting! and to know whats on the do to list this time.