Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ny to do:

getting all excited for our trade show in NY...this time it should be fall weather, verses the freezing weather i usually get in January

looking forward to checking out some new spots:
bowery bar/hotel
saturdays surf nyc---cool looking shop and could pick up something special for someone

schillers got reservations here...heard its fun!
a little parisian treat from laduree
kisses...love nyc, and love to get my fill a couple times a year!

any places you would recommend i not miss?



check out the Guiness perspective, hit the High Line day or night--theatre--the Book of Mormon was amazing if you can get tickets--have fun!!

Mrs. Green said...

Be sure to have dinner at The Smile, recommended by The Selby and very yummy. And of course don't miss the Ace Hotel midtown for coffee @ Stumptown.

Bon voyage and bon appetit!

CDS said...

PJ Clark's is one of my favorites and the MOMA has an amazing de Koonig retrospective right now.

rikshaw design said...

such fabulous suggestions! thank you!

jill said...

When you hit Saturdays, make sure to pick up some of their great soap!

Lindsay said...

Check out Joanna Goddard's blog A Cup of Jo. (I'm sure you've seen it.) She lives in Manhattan and has been posting all week long about places to go, stay and eat in the city. It's a goody. Have fun!

thayer said...

Dinner at Bell Book and Candle! They have a garden on the rooftop where they grow herbs and vegetables to cook with. Its in the charming West Village.