Tuesday, November 29, 2011

for the boys..

a nice dopp kit, they will thank you for after their next man-trip from here
a classic. from here
love how it charges your iphone and give you a clock at the same time from here
cute thin tie for your dapper man in plaid..from here
stocking stuffer..perfect for on top of the toilet..(you can strike on the bottom)!
found at a local store but the designer's website is here
for your surfer these are sooooo soft! from here
i got this and it truly makes the most delicious coffee, plus its nice to look at. from here

cute man images from here


Jennifer C. Webb said...

where did you find the cute matches/holder? Functional and fancy

CDS said...

I love the matches! :)

rikshaw design said...

hey ladies added a link for the designer of the matches in teh apothecary jar..she has a list of stores that carry on her website!
thanks for the comment!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks, fingers crossed...so want those