Monday, December 12, 2011

appetizer party

hey friends...
i need some appetizer recipes. I am having a holiday party and i decided to have "heavy apps" vs a sit down dinner. its easier in my little cottage, and if i could always eat apps vs dinner i would.
can you recommend any ?


natasha Ayers said...

Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and coconut!

A HUGE bowl of guacamole is always a hit.


An Antipasto platter

Several selections of lovely hummus- and serve with a platter of pitas, sliced veggies, and grilled chicken. Hummus is easy to dress up and change, so I would make a huge amount, and separate into different bowls, and add things like roasted red peppers, feta cheese, herbs, and lots of garlic for variety.

If you dig Indian food, as I'm guessing you do, (I'm Indian) one trick my family does for big parties is actually ordering take out from a restaurant for things like roti and doubles because it's more cost and time effective than doing it yourself, for ultimately the same results. And then, put it all into pretty dishes and no one would ever know you didn't slave over the stove all day.

rikshaw design said...

thanks natasha! all great ideas! love the quesadilla and chop up in small bites!

nicole me oh my! said...

I LOVE cranberry salsa at the holidays. It is really fresh and spicy, and I serve it over cream cheese with crackers! Here is a link to a recipe that looks similar to mine:

Have fun!

Carrie Yuill said...

Those poppy-seed ham and swiss rolls are making me drool... anyway, here is a very easy/colorful/tasty option that I is usually my go to all year round: (colors are perfect for the holidays too=;)

Anonymous said...

So this is the best app ever! Slice (thin) fresh mozz, red pepper and avacado and layer it on a plate (1 line of mozz, 1 line of avac, 1 line of red pep keep repeating until plate is covered) then mix in a bowl: 1 tbs white wine vin, 5 tbs good olive oil, 1 tsp dry mustard, 1 small clove garlic and a pinch of sea salt...stir it up and pour it over the top...put in the fridge for 2 hrs. Top with chopped green onion and fresh basil...serve on warm ciabatta!!! So easy, so delicious...everyone ALWAYS wants the recipie!!!!

xo Kit

HOOTENANNY...Jennifer Jacks said...

The recipe above sounds fabulous!