Friday, December 30, 2011

the list

hi friends, hope your holidays have been spectacular!
i am working on my new years resolutions, and these images are inspiring the list.
BUT first before i can even think about the new year...i am cleaning out the cobwebs...i am sort of frantic about the new year every year--the junk, bad food, piles of random stuff, dead batteries, expired anything, magazines recycled all get dealt with/donated, or pitched before the new year hits...then its a clean slate!
i am a whirling tasmanian cleaning nutball (everyone around my house is running from me)
yesterday was christmas tree down, cleaned out kitchen cupboards
today is attacking under bathroom sinks, and closet
then hopefully i will get to my inbox, playlists on itunes, iphoto organizing..(dreading that one)

do you feel the need to get rid of the old before the new year?

this pantry looks like heaven to me right now..


CDS said...

I hope 2012 is another great one for you! :) xoxo Happy New Year!

rikshaw design said...

CDS, you leave teh nicest comments! always love them! thanks!

Danielle Norcross said...

Yes yes yes, that's exactly what I do! Love reading your blog and enjoy your tunics in mommy and baby sizes. Looking forward to getting some new ones in 2012! :)