Friday, January 13, 2012

bon weekend!

Source: via rikshawdesign on Pinterest

happy weekend folks!

heading to santa cruz, cause i have never been...planning on standing in every patch of sunshine and just chillin.

can we say i am already counting down the hours until Ricky G, makes me laugh out loud as i see all the celebs in their sunday best at the globes awkwardly snicker! BRING IT ! I say its like my super bowl..i need the couch, quiet, remote control in one hand & probably a burger in the other hand..can't wait!! no doubt there will be tweeting, if you want to join the fun follow me here

some randomness i am enjoying:

-inspired by this way to show a collection, here

-need a some gold spray paint to do this..genius! here

-really enjoying this song every time it pops on..this one and 'nighttiming'

happy weekend!


Dalton said...

Happy weekend to you as well! And I'm with you about Sunday....I can't wait. It's so much fun to watch Ricky G make all of the fancy people uncomfortable, don't you think?!? :)

Amanda Teal said...

Love, love, love this pic. So pretty! It's been too long...let's get together! Girls SF dinner soon?

Home Decors said...

Happy New Year and Happy Weekend. Happy blogging too. Nice photo.

rikshaw design said...

amanda--YES its been WAY to long!