Monday, March 5, 2012

jellybean jeans

colored jeans are a must this i am sure you aware!
we used them with many Rikshaw tunics at our photo shoot and i loved the impact of color
cannot wait to show you...stay tuned!

i did tackle a bunch of stores and tried them all on..i liked the Madewell ones the best, brightest color and amazing amount of stretch!..(the jcrew ones didn't have my size)...i am in the market for the yellow neon ones.

have you bought yours? what color?


Christy said...

Just purchased my first pair of colored jeans too! I have tried several brands {target, j.crew, AG, Pilcro} and finally found the perfect pair in J Brand - a great lipstick red color. They have great stretch and give a little lift in the back side ;)

Ann Burr said...

I did buy mine! Pink from Old Navy :) Now I just need the courage to wear them!